All your marketing performance data in one place

We show the most useful metrics that help you make informed decisions on where to invest more marketing budget and where to stop burning cash.

What we do

We simplify your marketing insights by collecting all the unique data generated by the many marketing platforms used by your business.

We then filter and normalize that data into a universal language that we enrich with relevant business insights and recommendations that you can understand and use.



Track your offline activities as easily as your online ones

With the new managed activities module you can log and track the performance and impact of your offline activities like events, announcements and awards and compare them to your online campaigns.

It has never been easier to get a full 360 view of all your marketing performance.

Introducing ACE

ACE is the AI brain behind our intelligence engine. ACE captures the most useful information you get from the marketing tools you use, then enriches and translates it into actionable business insights.

ACE will point out your top performing activities and identify those that can be improved. 

The right connections

We connect to all your most used marketing platforms


See the email campaigns that work best for your business, when the best time is to send your emails and where you lose subscribers.


Ads  & Campaign dashboard contain a lot of information in a lot of places. We make is super easy to see what is working in a glance.

Google Ads

Where does your Ad spend go in google, what are the most performing campaigns and keywords? what are the costs? Find the answers here.

Google Analytics

Your campaigns bring traffic to your website. But do you know if it is ‘good’ traffic? Where did they come from and what did they do?

What is the ACE Score and how does it help your business? 

The ACE (ActualConversion Engagement) Score makes it easier to identify top and bottom performing campaigns across all your channels so you can take the right action and get the most from your marketing activities.

Democratising Business Intelligence

Our goal is to democratise business intelligence so that any company can easily know which activities are helping them grow, and which ones are not bringing value.
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