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ActualConversion answers the call to demystify the information that is gathered by the many platforms businesses use to land new customers and build strong long-term relationships with existing ones. We achieve this by creating no-nonsense dashboards that display the most useful metrics you can use to make better business decisions. 

But who are the ones powering this incredible insight machine?

Adrian Pike – CEO & Co-Founder

Adrian has been working in tech for over 25 years, specializing in software development, sales & marketing in both start-up and blue chip companies. He’s held mentorship and advisory positions at McGill X1, the Notman House Accelerator program, Technovation and has worked as an independent advisor to multiple start-ups.

His passion? Helping businesses truly understand marketing spend.

Sam Tissot – CTO & Co-Founder

Sam is a senior software developer with over 8 years of experience in the world of web, gaming and CGI, who specializes in designing software that is scalable, performant and automated. He is a Concordia University graduate who studied Design & Computation Arts. His degree was conferred with distinction and he was awarded The Design Prize. In addition to being a driving force behind ActualConversion, Sam also acts as a mentor for Technovation.

Our Company Values:

Customers customer first
Everything we do, should be geared to help our clients bring value to their customers.

Respect the individual
We recognise that ACers are on their own professional journey. We strive to support and empower each ACer so that they can achieve their full potential. 

Build for long term value not short-term wins
Never look for the quick buck. Always aim to build something that has greater value and that is a platform for a wide audience. Avoid things that simply offer short-term wins, as quality overrules speed.

2 ears; 1 mouth
We must listen to our clients, partners and peers more than we talk to them. To listen is to understand. With this understanding we can build better solutions; creating what people are asking for.

Protect, respect and trust
We work with a lot of data. Everything we do respects the individual’s information, their rights to privacy and their choices of inclusion. We maintain this respect across all of our our partner and client relationships in order to create and strengthen trust.

Interested in joining our team? 

We are always looking for the right people to help us build something quite special; something that actually adds value by making other peoples work-days easier and more productive. Wouldn’t that make you feel good? 

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