What is the ACE Score and how does it help your business?

A key element is our ACE Score – ACE stands for Actual Conversion Engagement –  The ACE Score is created by our Engagement Engine (patent pending ref: 62/705,139) and uses AI to analyze all the data-points generated by each platform, enriches with 3rd party insight data where possible, and then using our proprietary algorithms we calculate a performance score that is based on the actual value each campaign brings to your business. This score is standardized across ALL the channels you use.

What does that mean? 

By standardizing the score it means not only do you have an easy way to see performance on a marketing channel, but you are able to compare across each channel. As an example, if a Facebook campaign scores 70 and a MailChimp campaign scores 90, you know without worrying about the hundreds of variables out there that the MailChimp camping brought more value to your business. 

Using our Engagement Engine to calculate the ACE Score, makes it easier to identify top and bottom performing campaigns across all your channels so you can take the right action and get the most from your marketing activities. 

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Introducing ACE

ACE is the AI brain behind our intelligence engine. ACE captures the most useful information you get from the marketing tools you use, then enriches and translates it into actionable business insights.

ACE will point out your top performing activities and identify those that can be improved. 

Democratising Business Intelligence

Our goal is to democratise business intelligence so that any company can easily know which activities are helping them grow, and which ones are not bringing value.
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