CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act

September 24, 2019 | By Adrian Pike

In a little under 4 months, the CCPA will be coming into effect. So what does it mean to businesses in Canada? This morning the ActualConversion team went to find out…

What does it mean?

The AC team to the Dentons office in downtown Montreal and find out first hand from Todd Daubert – Partner and Chair of Communications and Technology Group – Dentons.

The scope of the event was to look at the new CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) that will be coming into force in 2020, and how it can impact businesses based in Montreal / QC / Across Canada.  

Much like GDPR in Europe, CCPA came about from a multitude of factors that included a growing general concern around personal data usage, as well as the past events associated with Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. And it is not for the lack of laws, in fact, there are over 300 federal laws regarding privacy along side many more state level ones, but California deemed it important to really address this issue specifically. 

The new legislation will pretty well impact any business that uses or touches consumer data from California, which in todays world and the proliferation of the internet is pretty well ANY business. That is not to say that there aren’t exceptions, but I think most businesses do need to look at CCPA and how it impacts the way they work and use data.  

What happens in non-compliance?  

Not to scaremonger, but there are fines at an individual case by case level that could quickly escalate into the 100’s of thousands of dollars if you are found to knowingly be in breach of the new Act, so it should not be ignored. 

What does it all boil down to?  

Like GDPR, in its essence it is really a calling for all businesses to better manage and respect the individuals personal information. To not see it as a commodity that can be sold without concern or consequence, but that it is a privilege that should be respectfully handled.  

This is not to be looked at as an exercise of pure compliance, but as how people are viewing data and data usage, this is about how you practice business as an organisation in the future. If you approach GDPR, CCPA and any future laws as box ticking ‘we got the legal coverage done’, then you really don’t understand they underlying issues.  And yes I mention ‘any future laws’, as it stands to reason that other states will quickly follow, and these laws will evolve over time.  

In Summary… 

The success of any businesses future will be at how they incorporate these new governing factors into their best practices (and not just contractual small prints). 

Our recommendation to any business out there is to get legal advice on how CCPA could impact the way you do business.  And to work with them to define a path for compliance, AND better business practices to future proof your businesses commercial approach.  

And of course, I would be remiss to not say that Dentons would be a good place to start for solid legal advice on this and related topics.

At ActualConversion, our business is geared around helping you make sense of your data and build better interactions with your audience, so needless to say, CCPA, GDPR and beyond are super important to us. Our goal is not only to adhere and support the laws on privacy as they evolve, but to share our thoughts and help grow awareness of how it impacts your business.

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