Having the right connections is key, that’s why we are always growing our integrations.

Facebook – Our facebook integration makes it easy for you to see the performance of your posts including impressions, likes, shares and clicks.

Facebook Ads – This integration makes it possible for you to track your paid facebook activities, including ads and boosted posts. Metrics include inpression, reach, click and costs.

Google Ads – Seeing the perfomance of all your Google Ads in one place, metrics include inpressions, clicks, conversions and average cost.

Google Analytics – Adding Google Analytics connection is a great way to see how your marketing activities impact site traffic and performance. Metrics include users, new users, sessions and bounces.

Hubspot Email – See the performance of your email campaign activities with this integration. Performance metrics include sent, open, link clicks and unsibscribes.

Instagram – See the performance of each post on Instagram. Likes shares and of course, the ACE score. Which is your best performing social media platform?

MailChimp – Track the performance of your MailChimp campaigns, including emails sent, opens, clicks and unsubscribes.

LinkedIn – Impressions, shares, likes and clicks are some of the core metrics seen from your linkedIn posts.

LinkedIn Ads – See how your paid ads are performing on the leading business social channel. Metrics include impressions, reach, clicks and cost.