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Your branding, quick and easy to implement, see only the insights that are important to your business

Get comfort from our established API integrations and security, then tailor it to your specific business needs. Our adaptive interface and scalable core means that custom solutions no longer need to be a lengthy, complex and costly business. 

Three phase project structure

A custom solution project doesn’t need to be complicated. We aim to be as simple and as transparent as possible throughout the whole process.

Phase 1 – Working with you, we identify and define exactly what metrics matter to your business,  the data sources, graphs, calculations etc, in essence, how you want it to be visualised so that you can quickly and easily answer business critical questions.
Phase 2 – This is all about ‘go-live’ and dashboard adoption. Once deployed to production, we offer customised online user training videos to ensure everyone knows how they work and how they will help their day to day work.
Phase 3 – Ongoing support is key, whether it be for training, or dashboard evolution, we will be with you every step of the way.


As you would expect, with a custom solution the pricing is based on the amount of unique development needed for your requirements. But our structure is simple.

Customisation & Setup – ‘One-time’ up front fee to cover all work outlined above in phase 1&2. This will be agreed before any work is started.

SaaS  – Once your solution is ready, you will move to your regular monthly Software as a Service fee structure. This will be a fixed all inclusive fee that will be charged monthly that includes access to training videos, email, messenger or call support, access to the platform and all services needed for your solution as well as access to all future enhancements and features.

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The power of SaaS

Our SaaS solution is continually evolving; new integrations, AI development, views, insights, graphs etc.

All future elements will be made available to our customers - both Turnkey and Custom customers.

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