Montreal, June 23rd 2020 – ActualConversion launches insights platform for Small & Medium Businesses at this years Collision from Home. The platform will make it easy for business owners and marketing non-specialist to understand the value that each marketing platform brings to their business in a common language anyone can understand.  

“Setup literally takes minutes to connect to the marketing tools a company uses like Facebook, Google and MailChimp and it will immediately translate and show performance insights…” said Adrian Pike, CEO & Co-Founder at ActualConversion. “…we knew that if we could build something that would simplify and translate to real business language, what is actually working and what needs addressing, and if we could make it easy to get started, cost effective and didn’t require any additional skills in the team, we would have the foundation of something quite special.”

The ActualConversion dashboard leverages their proprietary – patent pending – AI fuelled Engagement Engine to collect, enrich, translate and normalize the data from the various platforms a business uses for marketing into one common performance metric in a single dashboard, that is both easy to setup and use.

“Our mission is to empower SMBs with the insights that until now have only been affordable to large companies…” Continues Pike “… by our standardization, automation and AI we are able to make what is normally an expensive and complex process, turn into a cost effective and easy to setup solution that any business can afford and see immediate value from”.

The platform is now available for early adopters who can join for free during the beta program phase. Signup is available via the website: https://actualconversion.com/beta-customer-sign-up/

Press Release can be found on the Collision from Home website here.

About ActualConversion

ActualConversion is a Montreal-based SaaS provider whose mission is to demystify business intelligence and make it accessible for any business. It’s AI-powered engine collects, filters and normalizes the unique data generated by the many marketing tools used today. It then enriches this data with proprietary insights and presents its findings in an easy-to-read dashboard. The end result? Access to understandable and actionable insights with recommendations that businesses can leverage to acquire new customers, maintain strong relationships and truly understand the value of their marketing spend.

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Adrian Pike | CEO & Co-Founder 438.989.8854 | [email protected] https://actualconversion.com/

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