Turnkey solutions priced for the future of your business

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The power of SaaS

Our SaaS solution is continually evolving; new integrations, AI development, views, insights, graphs etc.

All future elements will be made available to our customers - both Turnkey and Custom customers.

Notes on Turnkey Pricing:

  • Platforms – Each connection you make to tools like Facebook, Google Ads, Mailchimp etc are classified as a platform connection. So if you connect to Facebook, Facebook Business and Google Ads you will use 3 connections.
  • Historical data – This refers to how far back in time your reporting will go. When you upgrade to a plan that has a longer historical data, you will be able to see longer date ranges in the past.
  • User Accounts – It is important that everyone in your company sees the same data, that is why we don’t charge extra for more users, we only charge by the company, so now you can have one common view of the truth!
  • Refresh – This refers to how often we update the data in the reports. So if you are using the ‘Curious’ plan, then you will see data up until the end of the previous day.
  • Insights – We have our own proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine that helps you better understand your data.
  • White Label – We make it possible for you to change the colour pallet and logo on the dashboard to make it look like it is your very own platform. Great for agencies or companies that want to keep everything in their own brand!
  • Prediction Engine – Part of the core ‘magic’ of ActualConversion. Our AI engine actually analyses your data to help you select the best type of activity for any given goal, such as lead gen, building audience and customer retention.
Other Pricing options:

  • ‘In the know’, Fuelled and Caffeine  can be adjusted to include more connections, longer periods of historical data, additional features and services. 
  • Multi-month / annual pricing discount on request
  • Our platform will be as up to date as the connect platform allows.