The world of ‘Reporting, BI, Analytics & Dashboards is evolving quickly. And it’s no surprise given for the last decade providers have focussed on ‘big data’, or at least systems that generate and capture information about your customer base.

2020 shows the making of true acceleration in this area. Organisations like Looker and Tableau are getting acquired by Google and Salesforce for a cool $20Bn (combined), and the reason why is simple. People want to understand the actual business value the various tools they use to engage with prospects and clients.

There is an extensive report out on the ‘Global Business Intelligencer (BI) and Analytics software market’ (which I don’t expect you to buy obviously but you can find out more here) that tells the story of growth in this area.

Why do you care?

Quite simply, if you are not looking at BI, Reporting or Analytics for your business, then you are behind your competition (because you can guarantee they are looking). It stands to reason, the more you know of your audience and how they engage with your business, the better the focus, quality of content and solutions you will be able to give them. 

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If you want some advice on what could be good for your business? We can tell you what metrics will actually mean something to your business – rather than just showing platform performance…. there is a difference. 

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