‘If you can’t explain something simply, then you don’t understand it well enough’  
– Albert Einstein

This statement is clearly true in business, how can you profess to simplify and make life easier if you can’t articulate the value your company brings in a quick and simple way… And so the ‘elevator pitch’ was born. Here is our pitch in a minute.

Transcript below:

There are many tools available to help your companies marketing. In fact there are hundreds of tools you can choose from.However, with so much choice comes a problem. Each platforms has its own version of measuring success, using their own language that you need to understand and their own set of dashboards that go into the smallest of detail.

More often than not, businesses need a fraction of this data and so all of these reports end up being more confusing than helpful. But there is a smarter and easier way.

ActualConversion collects the unique data generated by the tools you use. We filter and normalize the data into a single language that relates to real business goals. We enrich with relevant insights and recommendations, and then present in an easy to understand dashboard that helps you make informed decision around your marketing activities and how they add value to your company

Now doesn’t that sound better? 

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If you want some advice on what could be good for your business? We can tell you what metrics will actually mean something to your business – rather than just showing platform performance…. there is a difference. 

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