Before we get started, what are company values? In short, they are part of what fuels our mindset as an employee when taking actions, making decisions and interacting with people… It’s not so much WHAT we say and do, but HOW and WHY we say and do. They are the little voice in the back of your head when doing your day job, that asks questions like ‘is this going to help our customers’ and ‘will this be good for the team’. 

When should you think about having company values?
Several times during my career, I have created or evolved values for the company I worked at. Some were large bluechip business, others a little smaller. Equally some businesses had been around for 10+ years, others less than that. So when do you start to think about the values that represent your business?  The more you think about it, the sooner you will realise the answer is ‘from day 1’.  Some will say that company values are a way for you to ensure a large group of people (employees) act and work the same, no matter what office they are based or regardless of the country. This is indeed true, but when you think about it, doesn’t that also still apply to 1 or more? And to be clear, ‘1’ isn’t your first employee, it’s YOU. Even if you are a self-employed contractor, isn’t it important that you have an underlying code you operate by? Now, the good news when you are 1 or 2 people is that you most likely already have the mindset with your core values built in, but why not get it down on paper sooner rather than later and share it externally so others know what drives you and your business ethically.  

But are values on ‘day 1’ the same as what you need when you have been running for a few years and have employees? 
Values will and MUST evolve over time. How frequently will be influenced by your business, employees, customers, regions, technology, acquisitions etc. So you aren’t locked into the values you set on day 1, they will evolve. As a guideline, you should evaluate every 12-18 months, a simple check-in, do they still make sense, is the culture of the company continuing to ‘do the right thing’? if it is, then no worries, check-in again after a few more months. Also, as the company grows, you need to get more people involved in the input of the values, your company is full of people you hired because you thought they could add value to your business, so get their input. 

What should be in your values? 
For us, values can and should represent both what mindset you like and want to maintain within the current culture, as well as, what you aspire for your organisation to be like in the future. Your values are not a guide for your employees on how to execute their job, but they are a state of mind for how they think as an individuals, with their colleagues, how they see customers and partners, and also, how your customers and partners can see them. So this should be reflect in your values themselves.

How many should you have?
Quality and not quantity is key. You don’t need that many, 4-7 is the most common frequency, any less, you don’t touch enough areas, any more then it becomes like a political manifesto.  

Why are we telling you this?
Well, that’s right, you guessed it, ActualConversion wants to share its own set of values. These reflect both our mindset today and for the foreseeable future, what sits in our mind as we work day to day to build the solutions that will help our customers do better for their customers. 

Our Company Values:

Customers customer first
Everything we do, should be geared to helps our customers bring value to their customers.

Respect the individual
We recognise that ACers are on their own professional journey. We strive to support and empower each ACer so they can achieve their full potential. 

Build for long term value not for short term wins
Never look for the quick buck, always aim to build something that has greater value and is a platform for a wide audience, and not that is a short term win, quality will overrule speed.  

2 ears 1 mouth 
We must listen to our customers, partners, piers more than we talk. To listen is to understand and with this understanding we can build better solutions, creating what people are asking for.

Protect, respect and trust
We work with a lot of data. Everything we do will respect the individuals information, their rights to privacy, their choices of inclusion and to support this throughout our partner and customer relationships and to create trust.

These values are part of the makeup of an ACer. They are how we see ourselves now and for the foreseeable future. We hope that they give you an insight into the way we think at ActualConversion, and how we will conduct ourselves.

If you are interested in being involved with ActualConversion, that you think you would fit in as an ACer, then let’s talk. We have a few positions we want to fill over the coming months, but how you fit in as a team player is the most important factor for us. Fill in there form below!

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