Turnkey Business Intelligence

All your marketing platform performance in one dashboard  

Easy to understand business intelligence is now accessible for EVERY business.  No coding, no integration, no building of complex dashboards. It’s ready to go, are you? 

Your ‘true north’ dashboard

A home dashboard that summarises all your marketing reporting and insights in one place

One unit of measure that puts all platforms on a common scale

Easily see which activities and channel are performing

Desktop, tablet and mobile ready

Get started NOW, it just takes a few minutes

Spend less time switching between browser windows and trying to remember ‘…
where did i see that report?…‘ and spend more time saving money and improving your marketing performance.

* 15 day free trial.
* Unlimited access to all features.
* No credit card required.
* No technical skill needed.

It’s ready to go… Are you? 

Turn data into useful insights…

There is no shortage of data available from the platforms your business uses to find customers or connect with existing ones. The hard part is making sense of it all in one location.  

Setup in minutes

We have made our insights dashboard quick and easy to setup. Watch this video for a realtime view of how quick and simple it really is!

The one source of truth for your company

It is critical that everyone in the business can see, understand and uses the same metrics. All too often insights come from multiple platforms that confuse and conflict. We build the one true north for your insights.

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Atelier LAF

Measure performance on one scale

The ACE (ActualConversion Engagement) Score makes it easier to identify top and bottom performing activities across all your channels by converting the KPIs into one common scale,  Now you can easily take the right action and get the most from your marketing activities.

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